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An Experienced Criminal and Family Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

Sunshine Law Group LLC is an experience legal firm led by Heather Mayer. Since 2013, Attorney Heather has been a leading criminal and family lawyer, serving Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area. She takes her clients’ lives seriously and understands the criminal charges and legal disputes they face are life-altering and stressful. That’s why she approaches each case with equal degrees of professionalism, compassion, and legal acumen. Whether you are facing a DUI charge or going through a divorce, you can count on her to deliver outstanding legal representation.

Attorney Mayer Offer a Broad Range of Legal Services

Sunshine Law Group LLC provides an impressive range of legal services to clients. Versatility is Heather Mayer’s greatest strength. She can handle multiple cases simultaneously in various areas of the justice system.

Delivering Positive Outcomes Since 2013

No matter what kind of legal representation you need, you can count on Heather Mayer to provide outstanding service. Her clients are important to her, and she dedicates her professional life to resolving their legal issues in the best manner possible. Her communication skills enable her to keep her clients educated on their cases. Her compassion helps individuals through trying times. Most importantly, her legal expertise allows her to deliver positive outcomes.

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