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Attorney Heather Mayer Offers Divorce, Custody, and Support Mediations

Many people have an image of divorce proceedings filled with tension, attacks, and stress. But it doesn’t have to be that way for clients in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. Divorce mediation is a way to dissolve a marriage, settle child custody, and establish alimony and child support peacefully. Sunshine Law Group LLC‘s Heather Mayer has extensive experience using this process to end marriages in a way that suits both parties legally and, most importantly, the children. It is a voluntary and consensual process that uses a neutral third party to negotiate disputes. Whether you need to settle a divorce, custody, child support, or alimony, mediation is always preferable to a lengthy court dispute, vastly reducing stress and anguish.

Why Mediation Is the Best Solution for Divorcing Couples

Any family law case will be difficult, but ones involving children are especially challenging. Deciding where a child will reside and how much the other parent can see them is fraught. Further, a divorce may result in alimony payments that the responsible party may contest, neglect, or accept begrudgingly. Attorney Heather Mayer understands the human element of divorce, child custody, child support, and alimony disputes and the legal issues surrounding them. Her goal is to provide the best possible outcome for the child and parents. Mediation allows both parents to be a part of that solution amicably. Mediation is crucial for the following:


Mediation is cheaper than a litigated divorce. It is also quicker and leads to less conflict and less risk. In cases with children, it prevents them from experiencing a fraught conflict that impacts their lives. For a more empowering experience, choose mediation.

Timesharing (Custody)

Your child's best interests should be the top priority when settling a custody dispute. In litigated court cases, things can get tense (and expensive). In a mediation, attorney Heather Mayer will help the parties achieve an equitable arrangement.

Child Support

Child support is a crucial part of the agreement regardless of who wins custody and how the custody proceeds. Divorce, paternity actions, and how support is requested may determine who pays and how much they owe. Mediation allows both parties to reach a total that best supports the child.

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Offering Mediations on a Sliding Scale Since 2013

Attorney Heather Mayer performs mediations via zoom on a sliding scale. These mediations can be scheduled for two, four or eight hours. Parties with a combined income of $100,000 or less will pay $150 an hour. Parties with a combined income of $100,001 or more will pay $200 an hour. Sunshine Law Group LLC requires a $50 administrative fee, and either party can cancel outside 24 hours at no charge.

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